Brother: Donal Gibson
born c. 1958

Daughter: Hannah Gibson
born c. 1980; mother, Robyn Gibson; married rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd in September 2006

Father: Hutton Gibson
born c. 1918; leading figure in a conservative Catholic splinter group, The Alliance for Catholic Traditions; won $21,000 on the Art Fleming-hosted "Jeopardy" in 1968 while waiting out a workman's compensation suit after falling from a train and injuring his back; moved family to Australia soon after, partly because he didn't want his sons drafted into Vietnam War

Mother: Ann Gibson
born c. 1921 in Longford, Ireland; died in December 1990

Gibson was the sixth of 11 children (five boys and five girls born in the USA; parents adopted 11th child in Australia); according to USA Weekend (February 5-7, 1999), "One brother is a business executive in art supplies, another is a money broker, another is in the process of patenting various inventions, and his sisters 'are mostly mothers'"

Son: Christian Gibson
twin of Edward; born c. 1982; mother, Robyn Gibson

Son: Edward Gibson
twin of Christian; born c. 1982; mother, Robyn Gibson

Son: Louis Gibson
born c 1987; mother, Robyn Gibson

Son: Milo Gibson
born c. 1990; mother, Robyn Gibson; father has nicknamed him 'Jarhead'

Son: Thomas Gibson
born on April 14, 1999; mother, Robyn Gibson

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