(1984) American film debut, "The River", opposite Sissy Spacek
(1979) Appeared onstage alongside Geoffrey Rush in "Waiting for Godot"; during the Australian production, the two shared an apartment for four months
(2002) Appeared with Robert Downey Jr. in the musical comedy "The Singing Detective" (lensed 2002)
(2001) Co-created and co-executive produced (with martial arts star Jet Li from "Lethal Weapon 4") movie pilot for proposed TBS action series "Invincible", starring Billy Zane
(1985) Completed "Mad Max" trilogy with "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome"
(1991) Directed and appeared in "Mel Gibson Goes Back to School", an HBO special featuring a discussion on "Hamlet" at an American high school
(2004) Executive produced and served as director for several episodes for "Complete Savages" a comedy aired on ABC
(2000) Executive produced the ABC biopic "The Three Stooges"
(1979) Feature debut as a lead, "Mad Max"; voice dubbed for US release
(1993) Feature directorial debut, "The Man Without a Face"; also starred
(1976) Film debut, "Summer City", playing shy, quiet surfer
(1990) First film produced by Icon productions, "Hamlet"
Formed ICON productions, (formerly known as Gibson Productions)
(2002) Had leading role in the Vietnam War-era drama "We Were Soldiers"; was also an executive producer
(2006) Helmed the Mayan-Language epic "Apocalypto" which focuses on the decline of the Maya civilization; received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film
(2004) Helmed the controversial religion feature "The Passion of the Christ"; about the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus
(1994) Hosted and sometimes performed in "Rabbit Ears Radio", a children's radio program on Public Radio International
(1978) Joined South Australian Theater Company; appeared in "Oedipus," "Henry IV" and "Cedoona"
Made TV debut as regular on Australian series, "The Sullivans"
(1995) Made screen singing debut as the voice of John Smith in Disney's animated "Pocahontas"
(1997) Made two uncredited cameos, as the Tattooed Man in Ivan Reitman's abysmal "Father's Day" and as Frances' father in "Fairy Tale-A True Story"
(2002) Moved ICON from Paramount to 20th Century Fox
(1968) Moved with family to Australia
(1979) Played a retarded man opposite Piper Laurie in "Tim"
(2000) Headlined the Revolutionary War saga "The Patriot", essaying a pacifist farmer who must choose sides after his son is captured
(1999) Played title role in Helgeland's directorial debut, "Payback"; upon viewing Helgeland's cut, he and studio asked the director to reshoot much of the last third of the movie; when Helgeland declined, someone else did the honors, though Gibson told Empire (April 1999), "Brian was not fired, his name is still on the film and indeed he is responsible for 80 percent of it . . ."; rumors emerged that Gibson and his mystery director's (former hair dresser Paul Abascol) cut tested worse than Helgeland's
(1984) Portrayed Fletcher Christian to Anthony Hopkins' Captain Bligh in the stodgy "The Bounty"
(2000) Provided the voice for Rocky the rooster in the animated feature "Chicken Run"
(1989) Reteamed with Donner and Glover for "Lethal Weapon 2"
(1982) Reteamed with Weir for "The Year of Living Dangerously", playing an Australain journalist in Indonesia
(1992) Reunited with Donner and Glover for "Lethal Weapon 3"
(1981) Reunited with Miller for "Mad Max 2", released in the USA as "The Road Warrior"
(1996) Rushed to hospital for emergency appendectomy on March 10 during filming of Ron Howard's "Ransom", which opened later that year to strong box office; did his action scenes for the movie just days after the surgery
(2002) Served as executive producer of the HBO miniseries "Alexander the Great," based on Mary Renault's historical novels, project slated to air sometime in 2004
(1998) Sixth film to date with Donner, "Lethal Weapon 4"; reportedly pocketed $35 million salary
(1976) Stage debut as Romeo (opposite Judy Davis' Juliet) in National Institute of Dramatic Art production of "Romeo and Juliet"
(2000) Starred as chauvinistic executive who acquires the ability to hear what every female he meets is really thinking in Nancy Meyers' "What Women Want"
(1981) Starred in Peter Weir's engrossing "Gallipoli"; sight of his bare behind more or less made him a sex symbol
(2000) Starred in Wim Wenders' "The Million Dollar Hotel"; premiered at the Berlin Film Festival; released theatrically in the USA in 2001
(2002) Starred in the supernatural drama "Signs"
(1987) Starred opposite Danny Glover in "Lethal Weapon"; first film directed by Richard Donner
(1997) Starred opposite Julia Roberts in Donner's "Conspiracy Theory", scripted by Brian Helgeland; despite the star power, it struggled to recoup its investment before ending solidly in the black
(1994) Teamed with Donner on "Maverick", based on the 1960s TV Western
(1995) Won Academy Award for directing the epic "Braveheart"; also picked up Best Picture Oscar for producing with Bruce Davey and Alan Ladd Jr; played leading role of Scotsman William Wallace

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